16 January 2010

Another Christmas Party?

Just thought I'd drop in for a quick post before heading over to the Cooter Christmas party :)

The weekend ended out in exhaustion. Yesterday I flew home and just died. I had the exhaustion dizzies. I just was toast. I went to bed at 7:30 last night and stayed in bed til 11:30 this morning. I'm sitting here yawning and would love to take a nap. That's not happening so I might as well go laugh my ass off with my friends.

I get to be home this coming week and then hitting the road again for the week after to Jersey. Anybody want to visit me there?

I also passed (or is it failed?) my pregnancy test yesterday. I picked up the drugs today. I need to sit down with a calendar to map out days. I don't want to be fertile while I'm away from home! This should proved interesting. My sister is also planning her divorce party for next month. I'm trying to get it as early in the month as possible. She wants to drink and just forget men all together. Bless her little hoochie heart that she wants her little sister there to help her celebrate!

Well, I better get my shoes on and start walking to the Cooters! One lives within walking distance for me! Yay! No DUI! :)

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Anonymous said...

Be careful not to get a WUI