20 January 2010

HNT Missing

It's been awhile since I've done an HNT and right at the minute I really do not have any new pictures. I've got new memory cards on order for the new cameras and it'll be a bit before they show up. I was looking through some pics that I have in the computer and I came across one that I really like. It shows a bit of my curly hair and I love how it does curl. Lately, however, it hasn't. Since I've been taking the prenatal vitamins my hair has gotten so heavy and straight that I can't get it to do damn thing. Maybe I can get my hair lady to thin it out a bit. I miss my curls.



Emmy said...

I remember having a love-hate relationship with my hair when I started taking prenatal vitamins. I can see how you'd miss those curls. :)
Happy HNT!

Anonymous said...

Ya got nice ones.........
(and the curls aint bad either)