19 December 2009

Privacy, Not So Much-Gtalk Does Save Chats

I'm not new to this concept but most of my coworkers are. As a company we have installed Gtalk on our phones to communicate more efficiently with each other. Many of the employees also have installed it on their laptops also. Those laptops do get shared among other employees through out the week and this weekend I happen to get the laptop of female coworker who is on the list of people not to trust around here. Me, being the nosy bitch that I am, happened to notice that her Gtalk was still signed in and she automatically has it sign in. I decided to take a peek through her chat history.

Talk about entertainment! She is friends with the two other questionable employees here. One is on a banana peel for keeping employment and the other just needs to grow the fuck up and realize that he has a big boy job now. I started to read like I would read a blog. I had a feeling that there was some bashing but the other stuff kinda threw me off a bit.

It appears that this chick and the boy are doing the delicate dance of diving into infidelity. She's married. He has a girlfriend. They just want to get it on. There are moments of innuendo. There are the talks of "I'm trying to be good."

In all of this of course there is management bashing, including me. I'm picking on them by giving them work. I'm a dork. I'm just one step below the owner in being the biggest idiot around there.

Now my question to you blogworld, should I print out these conversations bashing on the higher ups and present them or am I more in the wrong for invading privacy?


Hubman said...

I'm pretty sure you can change your settings to keep chats off-the-record so that they are not stored, but I don't know how.

If you save and use the chats later to incriminate her somehow, how are you going to explain how you came to be in possession of those chats? How will you look to your boss? It may be satisfying to use that info against them, but the repercussions could come back to bite you in the ass.

Average Chick said...

Very valid point....Just need to keep my friends close and enemies even closer....Hell..it's also a good source of live action erotica!

Brian said...

Get whom ever you have for an IT person to send out a reminder about signing off the Gtalk tool before you turn a laptop back in to the pool.

Then have the mention something about certain incriminating conversations were found on laptops set to automatically log people in.

There was no privacy implied either. Those were shared computers and everybody knows it, right? where I work, there are warning posted about using 'shared resources'.

I'd also keep a record of the conversations for defensive purposes, but wouldn't use them as an offensive weapon.

Anonymous said...

We have always made great strides in National Defense by breaking codes and not going public with the fact we know what you are saying. Keep a low profile and wait. It will come back to haunt those who transgress.