25 December 2009

Merry Christmas!!!! And Happy Festivus!

Here we are on Christmas morning. I'm hoping that everyone has torn into the loot under the tree and is sitting back munching on a wonderful breakfast while tinkering with the new toys!

I also wish for no family fights for everyone. I know that's about as possible as world peace right now but I just wish for it.

I'm sorry for being pretty absent again this week. There were actually a few nights where I did not even turn my laptop on after I got home. It is so rare for me to do that. I wonder if I'm getting sick or crazier. I've been busting ass to get ready for this damn holiday. I hate it again this year. I could live without the millions of family get togethers. I could also live without wrapping. My main wrapping station is under kitchen implements in boxes from the storage shelves that were removed. I'm a little disconnected. My livingroom look like an Amazon.com warehouse right now. It should get better after tomorrow. The brunt of my gifts are going to the immediate inlaws Christmas. On Sunday I leave to see my sister. That poor girl needs one positive holiday visit. Our mother decided to lash out on her and the kids while they visited for the holiday. My sister called me in tears trying to figure out how to get them to leave. This is her first Christmas without the hubby and I'm sure that is hard. Sis and BIL to the rescue!

On a super shitty note of this holiday, got the phone call that our nephew's mom passed away from cancer on Christmas Eve. He's 15. Talk about fucking up a happy holiday for the rest of your life. I feel sorry for the kid but at least he has a family that loves him and isn't alone. My heart aches for him. And for his siblings from his mother. Poor kid.

I better go get something wrapped for today's inlaw get together. My annual penance to see the inlaws extended family. Arg. Wish me luck!


Dana said...

Merry Christmas!

Anonymous said...

Merry Ho Ho
Hope things got a little better.