29 December 2009

Divorces and Break Ups

What is it with the past few months? It seems like everyone is breaking up! I just got word that another WWW friend is going to be getting a divorce. That makes...several right now that I know of.

My sister's divorce is going swimmingly. Hubby and I stopped in while she was dropping off the kids at their dad's. Talk about a douche bag! He wouldn't even say hi! Well. Good riddance to the ass who made my sister so pissed. Just don't fuck with the kids. I will go nuts and be vengeful.

You just don't mess with some things and those kids are one of them. It's bad enough he was an ass to their mother and created a house of unhappiness. Now things seem to be getting better and they are still happy, healthy kids.

Ok. I'm tired. I really don't remember what else I was going to write. Hubby has already been passed out for 3 hours since we got home. Maybe I should take the hint and try it myself.

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