16 December 2009

Chicago and HNT!

I finally got busted out of the office for some work in Chicago. Downtown freakin Chicago. This country girl is in the big city! I love visiting here but I love going home even more. I have this fetish with being able to drive places and not having to pay an arm, a leg, and a nipple to park somewhere. I also like parking at a grocery store and being able to buy more than one bag of groceries at a clip.

I chose my hotel and hoped it would be a nice little place. It's not too bad. It's definitely old but I've stayed in much worse places. They tried to make it modern but the old architecture really does not accommodate that. The bed is very comfy. I slept like a doll last night. I'm hoping to post this and head to dream land again. I have to be up earlier tomorrow so I can check out and get to work at an earlier time.

Last night I went out for pizza at the famous Gino's East. I got the sausage deep dish with the patty sausage instead of the crumbled sausage. I didn't realize that it was going to take 45 minutes to make! I'm glad I had my beer to keep me company and my phone. It was worth the wait! I could go for some right now!

Tonight I went out to get some tuna. I picked my restaurant based on that. I got there and they changed their menu and did not have it :( I was crushed. I ended up getting a steak instead. It was ok. I also got a free shot of soup. I don't know what the hell it was besides there was bleu cheese in it. Let's see how well that fares. Those who know my know how well bleu cheese agrees with me.

I'm back now and tucked into my bed. Doesn't look too bad huh?


Emmy said...

You do look nice and comfortable tucked into that bed. Beautiful! :)
Happy HNT!

13messages said...

I went to Chicago once and fell in love with the place. You look beautiful in your bra. Nice post.

Anonymous said...

Three of my favorite things......

Anonymous said...

We did Gino's over the summer. It was fabulous! Definitely worth the wait! Did you leave your autograph??

Anonymous said...

excellent boobage

always wanted to chicago it