05 December 2009

Ovary Round Up

I'm really really sucking on blogging during the week. I've missed a few HNTs and just overall blogging. I do keep up on Twitter on the side. I've been pretty good at that so I don't completely suck!

This weekend starts the fun of Christmas. My sister came home with the kids for the weekend and I went to visit them all. That's when the ovaries kicked in. I see the joy and fun that the kids bring the family. And there I am. Sitting off to the side. I have no kids for my parents to spoil. I don't have any kids for the kids to play with. My clock is ticking and it was loud as hell in my ear last night.

I've been on the road this last week too. Nothing major. Just a lot of freakin driving! Wednesday night I was so damn tired that I got home at 430 and went to bed. I pretty much stayed there til the next morning.

I better hit the shower and the grocery store. I have another dang family doings to go to today. Oh...and let's see if the hubby will fucking listen. He's trying to get out of this shit like you wouldn't believe. I'm gunna beat him if he doesn't show up today.

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