09 December 2009

Dear Mother Nature

I do understand that it is the start of winter but you really did not need to give us a month plus worth of snow in one day. You seriously screwed some people up here. Probably killed a few with heart attacks. I did however enjoy the afternoon hooky nap but I did wake up on the wrong side of the couch. Keeping me couped up by the walls of white really did not make for a happy Chick. Next time, moderation please.


In the last 24 hours we were dumped with 14 inches of snow. Then add on 30 mph winds. Talk about a freakin mess. I just finished brushing off my car. I was standing in snow that was up to my knees. This state was shut down by order of the governor. The only people that showed up at my work were the ones that lived within 5 miles or had a snow mobile. The rest of us stayed put. The cats were pissed that we both were home today. My boy decided to show his displeasure by dumping his water dish all over the kitchen. Hubby almost got his big 4x4 manly man truck stuck in the driveway while leaving to go get a big piece of snow removal equipment for our driveway. Screw the shovels. Snow blower would still take to long. Time to bust out the skid loader.

I'm half tempted to go check out the roads tonight for something to do. Chances are I won't. I'm just going a bit stir crazy. I should really bake something. I made a pot roast all day. I've yet to try it. Most likely I'll just hit some porn tonight and go to bed. Too bad I can't get the real thing...

This was my car this morning a little after 7 am. We got another 2" after that.

Let's just say there was no way of going to work with my car looking like that....

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