12 December 2009

I Lost A Nipple

It's been so damn cold here lately that I think one broke off and ran away. If anybody sees it could they please send it home? I'm not really happy with having it flip to deep winter overnight. The only good thing will be that I'll have nature's beer cooler for Christmas. Speaking of, I should really get the plans finalized for dates and places. Shopping is going slow due to funding. I'm kinda jealous of my sister who doesn't have any inlaws to buy for now.

Next week I will be on the road for work. I will be in beautiful downtown Chicago for a few days. I'm looking forward to great food, a nice hotel room, and working my ass off. Possibly even seeing if I could change jobs. That would be nifty. I should really take some HNT pics while I'm down there.

I better get back to doing nothing here.

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