03 November 2009

A Letter

Dear Lady Bits,

Yes, I do know you are there. You do not need to remind me every other week. This is getting real old. I've never gone through so many plugs as I have over the past couple of months. I may need to buy my own field in the south to grow my own cotton to keep up. Tugging at my toenails is a nice touch too. Never realized you two were connected.

Now the big question is, are you toying with me? Are you truly telling me I am without child or just makin room for a bean to bum off of me for another how many months? I've been watching way too many of them "I didn't know I was pregnant" shows. You should feel lucky that Hubby brought me home a package of 10 tests as a present from our friends. Please do let your friends know that if you keep up your act they should really buy stock now in any kind of pregnancy tests.

On that note, consider this your warning. As soon as you've served your purpose, you are gone. I will not put up with your games, messes, and expenses. I have a home for you right next to Ms Appendix.

Sincerely yours,


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