01 November 2009

Little Known Facts

I've got a little craplet on my Google homepage that tells me interesting, little known facts. The one I just saw I have to share:

During menstruation, the sensitivity of a woman's middle finger is reduced. Scientists don't know why.

Hmm...here's my thought. People piss of the woman that much more and that finger goes flying up more often?

Here's my second fact:

Don't feed my cat crab and then stick around the next day.

This cat does not eat any human food until I sat down with 2 pounds of king crab last night. He started crawling all up in my meal and I shoved him away. I made him a little pile of crab but he just played a little with it. After I was done eating, I was a bit pissed that he didn't touch it. He came in and I held a pinch of crab with my fingers and put it by his face. That was a wrong move. I almost lost my fingers. I couldn't feed it to him fast enough. He also didn't care that my fingers were still attached to me and I could feel his teeth diving in. That wasn't the worst part. I'm sitting here this morning and he was laying on me. All of a sudden it stunk like death. And it wasn't me. Pretty soon he decided to sit in the window. Another wave of death came out from the curtains. I should really do this to hubby someday when I know the bastard will actually be home.

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