07 November 2009

Happy Early Christmas To Me

I received the best present this morning and since it's close to Christmas I figure that's a good holiday to tack it onto. I got the sister I know and love back. Let me give you a little history here.

Back in the teenage years of AC, AC's sister was fun loving and knew how to have fun for herself. She was, how shall I say this, a lush in her teenage years and spent time with friends and had fun for herself. I always wanted to spend time with her but I was too young and knew that as I got older we could go and do things together. When I almost became of age and maturity to hang with her, she met her husband. Talk about a grinding halt. It was always about him. Then they got married. She walked down the aisle already pregnant (woops!). The kids then came into play. There was no such thing as doing anything without the kids. A night out? Forget it. I just figured the wish to have some time to let loose with the sister was never going to happen.

As the kids aged, the more protective she got of them. She said that when they got older they could handle more time without mom. She refused to let other people watch them. Out of necessity she started to have to but only for a few hour increments. Fast forward to this year.

Sis has not been really happy with hubby. She finally hits whits end. She finally decides that it is done. Our mother, on the other hand, still thinks there is hope and thinks the kids are going to be forgotten by her. She's a moron. Sister moved out and has been going through a lot of pressure if it is the right thing to do. This morning firmed my opinion. It's the best thing for her.

My sister called me and told me that if she calls for help tonight that I better come running. I'm thinking the worst. Maybe hubby is going to attack her or she's going to do something stupid and end up in jail. Nope. She's just going to party with her best friend and this will be the first time she's drank to drink in about 10 years. She sounded to have her spark back and the sister I know and love is back.

I got her to agree to going on a little vacation with me to somewhere warm and adult. I think now I have a sister that I can go and do things with again! Dammit! Now why does she have to live so far away?

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