08 November 2009

I'm Loved!

I've been a bad bad bad bad blogger! I hope Saucy will forgive me! She has awarded me the Great Read Award. I don't know what to say but thank you! My content of late hasn't been all that exciting in my book but hey, we all can't live rock star lives! She hooked me up with this award some time back and I've just been a lazy ass who hasn't gotten around to posting about it. I think I need a spanking. Or a beating.

The fun of this is, I get to make a Top 10 list of my choice and then award some more people this lovely honor :)

I've been toying around with a top 10 list and it's been hard to come up with something interesting. It may be less than 10 but, all hell, I'm late on this already. So here is:

AC's Top 10 Porn Sites

10. Gigagalleries- This is one of the older sites that I go to every now and then since the invention of the porn tubes. It has your choice of movies or pics in every category imaginable.

9. YouPorn-The first of the tube porn sites that I found back in the day. Good selection but no categories.

8. Tube8- A fine tube porn site that I dance around now and then.

7. Spankwire- Another fine tube porn site.

6. Ok..I got nothing here...insert your favorite in a comment for me :)

5. Mr Snake- This site was shared with me by an old coworker. He was surprised it made it past his child filter at home. This site has it all! It would be #1 if they didn't have many videos deleted or choppy buffering.

4. Extremetube- A good site to take care of my naughty, more fetishy, side.

3. Redtube-This site used to be at the top of my list for sometime. I still visit it often.

2. Literotica-I know this is not a movie porn site but sometimes I like to create my own imagery. They have more stories than you'd know what to do with. I've been reading this site since before I was legal. Woops!

1. Pornhub- My #1 all around go to site for a porn fix. As their slogan says, it gets your dick bigger and your pussy wetter.

Well...I'm looking at Saucy's list of who she awarded it to and I'm just at a loss here. I only have 1 to add off the top of my head.

The Missouri Savage- Always a quirk to read :)

Dang it...my top 10 has me distracted now......


The Savage said...

woot... my second one of these :D

Brian said...

Adultism - like youporn - amateur submitted outtakes & stills.

AL4A - collection of links to other sites, very good about keeping spam, pop-ups and other nasties away.