10 November 2009

My New Toy and Right Hand

Now I know this isn't a pic of my actual toy but hey, I'm lazy.

I woke up bright and early to sit outside the Verizon store last Friday to get this sweet piece of electronics. I was one of only a few dorks who sat in the parking lot waiting for them to open. I saw them flip on the Open sign and we flocked in. I swear I was a virgin waiting for my first penetration. Ok. Maybe not that bad but close.

I've spent most of my life since then playing and pimping out my phone. It had a few quirks the first day like crashing and coming back to life in all spanish. That was a bitch for a girl who doesn't know more than taco and burrito to figure that bitch out. I did and all was good. I also had one night where all my apps crashed but a reboot cured it.

Let me give you a review of a newbie to this after having a Blackberry in my possession for the last year and a half.

First off is the virtual keyboard. That just freaked me the fuck out. I fat finger almost everything. I'm a very tactile person. The lovely thing about this phone is that it has a slide out keyboard. Shitty thing is that it is so wide. My fingers don't know how to type on it! The other part was that it took me 4 days to find the damn question mark on the slide out keyboard. Once that I did find it I felt like an idiot. Well, back to the virtual keyboard. I'm slowly getting used to it. I have it set to vibrate when I hit a key so I know that I hit something. It seems the lighter I touch, the better off I am.

The apps rock ass. iPhone eat your heart out. It's easy as hell to fly around to all the programs. There are tons of free apps too. I know there are pay ones too but I'm too damn cheap to even look at those. I have everything except a yahoo mail widget.

The gps almost made me need a new pair of panties. It works off of Google Maps so it's just like using Google Maps online. The one time that I needed it, I didn't have an address. I just googled the name of the place and there it had a navigate button next to it on the search page. I just hit that and away I went. It was dead on and didn't annoy the shit out of me! There is no comparison to the gps on the Blackberry. That has no voice, no recalculation, no shit. This has made me remove the gps from my Amazon wishlist.

Google Voice...wow..I love this thing. I got to pick a phone number where ever I felt like getting one. It transcribes voice mail and screens all my calls. There's a lovely little feature that allows me to choose which number I'm calling from. I love it!

One of the biggest loves of this phone is instant gmail response. There is no waiting to refresh like on the Blackberry. I also love that you can send attachments too! There is no way of doing that from the Blackberry gmail app.

That's it for now :) Time to play with the phone some more!


Anonymous said...

You and Saucy with your toys........

Osbasso said...

I purchased mine a week ago! So far, I concur with everything you wrote!