27 November 2009

The Aftermath

Yesterday was a whirlwind of cooking and eating. I enjoyed it all! Lunch went off without a hitch. I was afraid that I didn't make enough. I'm always wrong every time. My parents just can't seem to sit still while they are here. My mother is always cleaning up something. My father is always doing some manual labor. I don't know if I should be offended or not. Mom says she does this for my sister and Grandma used to do this when she came over too. After the initial gut bomb made some room, we had the bright idea of putting up my tree. I've never been this early with a tree. It helps that I bought a fake one last year but it is just not me to have it up and want to decorate it so early! Those who know me know that it was just a couple of years ago that he tree was drug in the house the week before Christmas and no lights even made it on there. I was very pissy about the holidays that year. My parents left me to take a nap before hitting the inlaws.

I couldn't seem to nap so I was in a pretty good mood and decided to go hang with the inlaws. When I made it there I turned into the human jungle gym for my 5 year old nephew. I was instantly his new best friend because I brought turkey. We finally made it to the BIL's and piled in the food. SIL was peeling potatoes and was an absolute douche. She did not want anything to do with us. After she finished the potatoes, she went into hiding. Oh well. The rest of us had a fun time til dinner was ready. The kids were wild as hell. That is the only thing I can't stand. SIL did come out to eat but sat in the corner and would not talk to any of us. Whatever. I could only deal with so much of that bs and the kids going apeshit crazy so I decided to head home to my land of singledom for another 3 days.

I'm a huge Black Friday shopper. I will go by myself to stand in some damn line and catch a deal. Not today. Not by choice. I'm so fucking embarrassed and pissed and depressed to admit this but I'm fucking broke. My checkbook has 2 dollars left in it. All my credit cards are maxed out. The joint accounts have next to nothing left in them. Some of this is my own fault because last pay period my debit card got me in trouble. The nsf fees ended up coming to the amount of my biweekly allowance. I still had bills to pay. It hasn't helped for money with the back injury taking me off of call. Hubby also hasn't been getting paid fully for the work he does on the side because they aren't getting paid from the various municipalities. This is so fucking hard for me to admit. I don't think we've ever been this broke before. Maybe while I was in school but we didn't have car payments, house payments, or even a quarter of the debt we have now. I'm praying for a busy couple of days of call here. I never thought I'd be saying this. I just don't know how this happened. It really really has me depressed and the joy of Black Friday is just rubbing it in all that much harder.

Enough of my pitty party. I better go clean something or decorate something or just figure out how to eat something. I know eating shouldn't be all that hard but my throat is so swollen I can barely drink without wanting to cry. What a joyous week!

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Anonymous said...

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