26 November 2009

Bright Thanksgiving

Last night I was pissy about today. I woke up this morning with a new view on life. I'm actually excited for today. I have so much to be thankful for. I have a wonderful kitty laying next to me here. There's a hot cup of coffee next to my computer.

My parents are going to be here soon. They'll be helping me cook the fixins for lunch. I do enjoy cooking with them. They are good down home farmer cooks. They taught me that kind of cooking too. Frugal yet good. There is no such thing as a measuring cup when it comes to most things. Ya just add til it looks right. Laughing always happens. Sometimes some sliced digits too. The house is a semi trash heap but I really don't care. The kitchen is clean so we can destroy it soon. I pray that my dishwasher holds out. It's only circa 1970something.

This afternoon I get to go hang with the inlaws. How things have changed over the years. The addition of a crew of kids. The venue changing to accommodate them kids. The only thing that really hasn't changed is I don't have any kids to add to the circus. Maybe next year. We did have one year where the SIL was in labor after dinner but didn't realize it til the next morning. We were fighting over the pecan pie that year. Neither of us wanted to share.

I've got the Macy's Parade on in the background here. I usually never watch it since I'm usually still sleeping. This is actually pretty dumb. It's a stage show and that's it. Parades are suppose to be walking down the street. Not doing numbers on a stage.

I better go beat my first bird :) Enjoy all!

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Anonymous said...

Hope it all went to plan.........