05 September 2009

Hotel Cheapness

Here I am waiting for hubby to get done in the shower before heading out on a rainy day of sight seeing.  Go figure.  I go on a sight seeing vacation and it's pouring freakin rain for 3 days.  Looks like it's a wet tshirt contest today but I digress.

I mentioned yesterday how cheap I got this hotel for.  Don't get me wrong, I've stayed at shittier places for more money but I did expect just a little bit more out of this place.  Let me give you a run down of the surcharges.  $10 per day for wireless internet.  Thank goodness I have a cell card I can use.  $15 per day per person for usage of their health club.  In this health club is their pool and hot tub.  So it looks like no swimming here.  The room is relatively small but it is ok for cleanliness.  There is one queen bed but the part that gets me is there is only a night stand on one side of the bed.  Last night I had to pull up the desk chair to put my book and phone on. 

This morning held the lovely surprise of the shower.  It's got one of those extended reach curtain rods.  I do enjoy those.  The bad part is is that the liner barely clears the top of the tub so it kept on falling out and making me soak the floor.  When I go on trips like this I'm usually on a hair removal mission too.  My momma always taught me why clog your own drains with hair when you can do it in a hotel drain.  Much to my chagrin I noticed that the shower was not draining.  Yeah.  Removal kept to the most pertinent parts.

So that is the skinny on this hotel.  Maybe I'll get an upgrade for a better room with a working shower ;)

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13messages said...

Fifteen bucks for pool use, too? I can't imagine having to pay for that. Of course, you got a great deal, but if that's a normal charge even at the normal rate then I imagine they get a lot of complaints.

I'm a hotel bellman and am happy to never tell someone that there is a charge for the pool and health club.

Anyway, enjoy your stay! :)