04 September 2009

Holiday Road

Hubby and I have packed up the Griswold-mobile and are heading on a
poor bastard's vacation. We've been driving since this morning and
have another couple of hours to go. The traffic has been thicker than
I'm used to on this route. I've been to this destination a few times
but I've always been alone going here.

It seems I'm all about the food on this trip. I just broke the
celebratory Waffle House stop and ate earlier than I would have. The
destination has many of good food stops I've learned. The beer is good
and fresh too.

I also scored one hell of a hotel deal. Normally this brand of hotel
is at a minimum of $120 per night. I came across a deal for an average
of $55 per night. I'm a bit scared of why it is so cheap. I guess I
will find out soon enough.

Clark also pulled a boo boo. He forgot the camera at home. Why am I
not surprised. We can remember to bring the camera to go to the gas
station but forget it at home for vacation.

I'll check in when I can and keep an eye on the Twitters on the side
for updates! :)

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Anonymous said...

OK Ellen keep us posted on yall's wacky doings in the big city.