08 September 2009

Back To The Grind

The holiday weekend is over now and it's back to work :(

I'm bloggin going down the highway. Probably not bright but I'm bored.
My normal morning highlight is on vacation this week ;)

I guess the highlight of vacation was visiting a butterfly house. It
was soooo cool! I walked in and was surrounded by butterflies
flitting all around me. I turned into a kid again. I was in awe of the
beauty. The bright colors. All shapes and sizes soaring above and
around me. I think I found my happy place there.

Shit. Cop.

After the butterfly house was a meat orgy lunch. It was a Brazilian
place. Meat whacked on your plate until you are stuffed and nodding
off into nap land. Nap is what I did.

After that I was bored. So what did I do? Go to a porn shop ofcourse!
I realized later that I spent more at the porn shop than any other
single purchase on that trip. Even the per night rate of the hotel was
less! Sad thing is is that I only bought 2 things.

The drive home sucked ass. I napped through the worst part after I
made hubby drive. People pissed me off and I was ready to start
smashing into them for therapy.

Today is back on the road for a day trip for work. My back is hating
it already. And why the hell are the leaves turning already?!?

Shit...another cop. I better pay attention.

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