09 September 2009

Missing HNT

So here I am, all ready to put up the HNT of the part that I don't
like. I go to boot my netbook that has all my HNT pics on and the
thing is stuck on loading my desktop icons. I throw the power switch
and turn it back on. It decides to do a checkdisk run and I let it.
Low and behold there are some bad files in the indexes and it finishes
and goes to a black screen.

And it stays there.

I try to throw the power switch and it won't turn off. I pop the
battery and try again. I can hear the whirl of the fan but no lights
turn on and not even a bios flash.

I think I blew the motherboard or processor. I'm not amused.

So here I am HNTless. Sorry eveeybody. This sucks.


Dana said...

Well! Let's not let you go commentless!

Saucy Wildcat said...

Awww hun. I"m sorry!

Anonymous said...

i can relate, my computer behaves like a spoiled teenager, never know when it's gonna work

Hubman said...

Oh hell, that sucks. One of my nightmares, which I'm completely unprepared for. Hope the computer gods decide to smile on you!