18 September 2009


I'm bored driving again so I figure it's a good time to tap out a post
:). I'm driving through nowhere so there isn't much traffic to worry
about. I could play guess what's planted in the fields but it's the
end of the season so half the fields are empty.

I'm looking forward to next week. It's time for the fall Cooterfest. 3
days straight of being drunk as a skunk. I hope the weather is ok. We
are pussies again with renting a cabin. The weather right now is
perfect but a lot can change in a week. I'm also looking forward to
letting the girls free. Bras being optional is always nice. The food
is also fantastic too. I camp with some hearty wilderness women who
know how to cook without the need of fancy kitchens. If anyone goes
hungry it's their own fault.

Work today for me is in a different time zone. That's odd to me. The
site is an hour ahead so I feel late getting there. It I'd nice when I
get kicked out by my time clock. I do got a full day and possibly then
some. I really should have traveled last night.

Damn. I should really stop to pee before getting out in the super sticks.

I just got to thinkin that I've got enough irons in the fire in the
area here that I could spend a few nights here to work out the issues.
Maybe after I come back. Lord knows my national support isn't moving
too quick. I think they all are nekkid in beanbags eating Cheetos.

Well, time to stop and empty!


13messages said...

Have fun. There's something about Cooterfest that sounds wonderful.

Anonymous said...

Njoy Cooterfest. Send us pictures