20 September 2009

Happy Sunday!

I'd like to start again with everyone taking stock of how they have changed in the last year.  I've changed a lot.  I've become more open minded.  I can see why some people do what they do, no matter how much society says it's wrong, and accept them.  My friendships have changed.  Some gained.  Some have fizzled away.  I love having new friends but if the fizzled friends want to start communicating again I'd accept them with open arms.  So enough of that serious shit.

I'm going to be getting ready to go plan the Cooterfest.  We are hitting a sports bar for some grub, beer, and pro football.  I'm soooo ready for some girl time!  I'm also going to surprise them with tshirts printed special for this year's Cooterfest.  I ordered these bitches back in January. 

I'm really hoping the hubby is going to let me use the camera.  He has claimed it as HIS work camera.  MY camera is dead.  Well.  Looks like Momma is going to be shopping for a new camera since somebody doesn't want to share.  Now to decide what kind to get.  Cheaper the better.  I've always been a hardcore Canon girl for several reasons but I've noticed in the past few years that the image quality could be better (ie vibrant colors).  So now what do I do?  My Nikon has obviously shown me that it doesn't last long.  Who wants to be next?

Tonight I'm going to an appreciation dinner for my dad.  When he lost his job he had to quit a public service "hobby" due to geography.  They are throwing him an appreciation dinner tonight for all that he has done through the years.  Things like this make me proud of him.  It also inspires me to do the same thing but not as a career.  Maybe when I move to the country I can start doing this. 

Ok..gotta hit the shower...and my fingers are rambling...Keep an eye on the Twitters on the right side for updates from the bar!

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