16 September 2009

Flawed HNT

Yes, I know I'm a week late but I got my netbook back and working! It only took a bios update thanks to the help of the IT guy at work. I should bring him cookies.

And on that note, I have several flaws that would take forever to catalog. Hubby also lost the camera again so I'm workin with the web cam. That severely limits the choice of pictures I can do. So here is one of my flaws that drives me up the wall.

Yes, my neck. I barely have a chin. I could give a line backer a run for his money with neck girth. This goes down also to my shoulders and my arm circumference. And belly..and legs..well you get the picture...

There you have it...it's skin...it's not sexy....but it is mine...



Anonymous said...


that "line backer" line, priceless


Anonymous said...

And since it is yours, it is sexy

Dana said...

Awww sweetie! I'm glad you went ahead and did this!

We are all so hard on ourselves! Much harder than we would be on anyone else!