16 April 2009

I'm Home!!

I feel like a horrible schmuck that I didn't get an HNT up. This week just slipped away from me. I was driving 11 of my 16 hour day yesterday. I was so tired when I got home that I didn't eat a lick since lunch and I passed out blissfully in my bed. I am so glad that I made the deal with work today that I may or may not show up.

I can give you a vision for HNT if you'd like :) I thought about this at about 10 pm last night cruising down the interstate in the middle of nowhere. I hate trying to find new radio stations where ever I go so I had the mp3 player loaded up with new music and then I had internet radio on my phone. The vehicle that I had had no cassette deck for a cassette adapter and no mp3 input port. Just a cd player. So I've always been taught that you need to have your hearing available as much as possible while driving. I broke that rule and drove around with ear buds in listening to music or the comedy channel on my phone. The only safety possitive about driving like that with my phone was that I had a cheap handsfree set up. The picture I had in mind was of my earbud, nice and shiny red, in my ear. Picture it if you will.

1169 miles on my ass in 3 days. More driving tomorrow. I'm playin hookie from work today.


13messages said...

Nice "pic." Drive safely.

Mike said...

I have pictured it and i like ;)

Naughty girl playing hookie today lol.

Drive carefull.


Evening said...

You spend a lot of time driving, I am glad the weather is starting to get past the snowstorm stage for you. Bad roads must make your drives seem awful stressful.

Have a nice weekend AC