17 April 2009

Fantasy Time

It's been awhile since I did one of these and since I've been driving to hell in back, I've been pondering doing one...So here it goes....

The plane is about to touch down. I can't believe it is finally time to meet you. All of our plans are coming into play. I can't wait to see him. The wheels hit the tarmac and my heart races as I grab for my phone. I turn it on and find a text message from him. "Welcome to **** my love." My heart melts. My hands shake as I text out the message of "I'm here."

The taxi to the gate takes forever. I'm ready to do the marathon sprint into his arms. The doors open and we all make our way off the plane. I walk at a pace just shy of a run. I duck into the little girls room to freshen up and take one final glance. He told me it wouldn't matter what I look like because I am beautiful no matter what.

I text him the luggage carousel where my bag will come out. He replies that he is already there. The walk there is surreal. I enter the baggage area with a racing heart and shaking hands. I see him at the same time he sees me. I run to him. Tears in my eyes. We finally meet. I jump into his arms and we hold each other tight. I pull back just far enough for him to kiss me. The world stood still. There was nothing around us. It was just me and him. I didn't want to let go. Ever. We finally mutter the words of "hello." The voice that I've heard on the phone and seen on my computer screen finally is in the flesh in front of me. He pulls back a piece of hair around my ear and just has a big smile on his face. I can't seem to stop smiling either.

The luggage carousel buzzes and starts to spit out luggage. We hold on to each other as we share stories of the travels and luggage. It is like we've been with each other all our lives. I see my bag pop out the top and he grabs it as it comes by.

"Shall we?" he asks as we head for the door. We walk hand in hand to his car. He opens the door for me like a gentleman and throws my luggage in the trunk. Off we go for 3 days of time dedicated totally to us.

As we drive he points out points of interest that he has told me about. They are nothing spectacular to the average visitor but they hold special meaning to us. He asks me what I would like for lunch. I am still in too much awe to be hungry. "You need to eat, dear" he says to me. We decide on a little diner where business people frequent for their midday break. We are tucked in a booth in the back corner. He orders a bottle of wine. This is a special occasion to drink at lunch. I order a salad and he picks on me for eating rabbit food. The whole point of a salad is to be able to pick at it and eventually it will be gone. He orders a prime rib sandwich. We wait for our food and chat and laugh like a couple of high school sweethearts. My foot is intertwined with his under the table. He holds my hands in his. The electricity is flowing through one big circle. Our food comes and we take our time eating.

We finished our lunch and back to the car we head. He arranged for an early early check in at our hotel and already had the keys. I rubbed his leg while he drove. He rubbed mine. There was an obvious growth in his pants. My own pussy slick with desire. I nuzzle over and kiss his neck while he's driving. Taking in his scent. The feeling of his neck on my lips. His breath heaving my hand on his chest. "You need to stop that for now otherwise I will wreck this car right now."

We arrive at the hotel and he gets my bag. We walk in past the front desk. He has a bit of a difficult time walking do to our warm up in the car. The lobby was empty and we got on the elevator. We head up to the top floor that has special key access. I hold onto him in the elevator. My pussy is just aching to be touched by him.

We make our way off the elevator and not a word is said as we make our way toward the room. He opens the door and wheels my suitcase just inside. I follow him in and as the door clicks behind us, we fall in each others arms and kiss passionately. He has a bottle of wine ready and candles waiting to be lit. We could careless at this point in time. He holds my face as he hungrily kisses me. My hands rub up and down his back. Then up his shirt. I want to feel his flesh against mine. His hands rub down my sides. One stays on my hips and the other finds its way up my shirt. I hear a bit of a groan from him when his fingers touch the new lace bra that I got just for him. He plays with that breast for a bit before putting both hands on my hips. He thrusts my hips up and into him and I can feel his hard cock through his pants. Lightning bolts of desire shoot through my body.

He slowly starts to undress me. He lays me ever so softly on the bed. He undresses for me.

Here we are. All that we have waited for is here.

I open my legs for him. He lays down between them to kiss me. He kisses his way down my neck. Then to each nipple. Slowly taking his time to swirl his tongue around each nipple making them nice and hard. His tongue slowly trails down my belly. His tongue pulls back from my belly as he takes a look at my pussy. A sly grin comes over his face as he admires that of which he's only seen in pictures. "This is soooo much prettier in real life" he says.

He kisses my thighs. He works his way to my pussy. He kisses slowly. Savoring every fold. I'm getting wetter and wetter by the minute. His tongue then dives right to my clit. I gasp. He licks with precision and passion. His eyes look up at me from between my legs. He's moaning in pleasure and he knows what he is doing. His tongue is performing magic from my clit and all the way down my wet slit. He's trying to lick me dry but my pussy just keeps getting wetter and wetter. I feel a finger slide into my wet pussy, then two. He dives to work on my clit some more with his tongue. I do not last long. I feel my orgasm welling and getting ready to explode. He can feel this and hits a certain spot in my pussy and on my clit and I am sent into another dimension. I've never felt that good before. My pussy gushes juices onto is hand as I scream in ecstasy.

He pulls his fingers out after I come down. He licks my juices off of his hand with a grin on his face.

"That, my dear, was just the beginning...."

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