14 April 2009


I'm in the land of bbq and I just had some pulled pork that made me wet.

Work was done so quick that I went and toured the Bud plant. They then gave me free beer. Since that is all I had for lunch, it went straight to my head. I tried to burn it off in the gift shop. Smart move on their part to give people beer and then have a shopping venue on the way out. I wanted to sober up a bit more and ended up blowing the wad on birthday presents.

AC then had the bright idea of finding a porn shop. I was fearless. I'm pretty sure if I was sober I would have kept driving fast and furious to get the hell away from that one. I ventured in. One half was movie booths and the other half was toys. I chose a toy and of course the guy at the counter had to tear into it and test it to make sure it worked. What I found amusing was that he wore a plastic glove to do so on a brand new toy.

By that time the beer kicked and I hauled ass back to the room.

I've got some where between 11 and 12 hours worth of driving tomorrow on top of work. I'm going to die.


Sugardaddy said...

Enjoy the toy while thinking of Clysdales.

pure evyl said...

A post containing sex and barbecue has to be one of my favorite kinds of posts.