08 April 2009

Hairy HNT

I know I did a hair HNT not too long ago. I'm really thinking I'm starting to come out of my funk a little more now. I'm starting to care about how I look again. Last night I got the good ol highlights done and pampered myself. I've also started giving two shits and a fuck about what I eat. I still hate my job and it is my greatest source of stress in my life. Hell, it is my whole life. I would love to start over again and get a new life. This economy isn't letting me.

Just a warning, I'll be on the road again next week. Going to see the Arch again. This time I'm hoping not to do it in a blizzard. It'll be a nice little trip if all goes as planned. Hopefully I can get a nice hotel room to go with it.

So here's the new hair :)Go play with the rest of the Half Nekkid hotties out there :)



13messages said...

Your hair looks great!

Have a nice night.

Dana said...

Heading south are you? Hmmmmm ...

I love the new do - I've always wanted to go a little more bold with my own highlights!

Vixen said...


Thursday's Child said...

I love the highlights - gorgeous!

You're headed to the Arch - you'll be in my neck of the woods!

Sexie Sadie~ said...

Great highlights! Very cool and stylish!
Have a good trip!

Evening said...

I love the new hair color. And I can't wait until tomorrow. I am really looking forward to it.
Drive safely.

Anonymous said...

Very nice highlights. Was however hopeing for headlights.
Safe trip Hun

Mike said...

Me likey your hair!
drive safely and have a great trip.


Hamlet and Lorali said...

New hair always makes one feel ready for a renaissance of some kind. Good luck, and have a great trip!

pure evyl said...

Have a great time.

Anonymous said...

I like it!!!
looks good!