07 April 2009

Cleaned Up

I finally got my hairs done tonight. I looked like a freakin wreck. I didn't even want to look at myself it has been so long. I'm hoping that a HNT will involve the new hair colors.

If figured I'd better clean up to meet another blogger this week :) It's just for a nibble and something drink but it should be fun! I can't wait!!

I'm back on the road again next week I do believe as it stands right now. I'll be heading to porn in the corn and a place to get a good pork chop. I do plan on stopping at the porn in the corn. I've got a short shopping list I'd like to take care of.

Before I hit the road I have to have a little talk with the fat robins in my yard. I went to leave this morning and my poor car is covered in bird poo. A great friend offered me the services of a good kitty that takes care of birds. The only problem is, this a warm weather kitty. I still have snow in my yard. So no dice there.

I need to come up with something good to blog about here. Maybe something amusing will happen.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

A "nibble"? Hmmmmmm
Or did you have a typo here.