22 March 2009

Toasted Liver

I'm now back from a weekend with the Cooters. A couple of them are hitting the big 4 O so that's a pretty good excuse to get together and drink right?

Friday night was travel and set up. I also consumed a half a winery and a brewery. We went to a casino to start that night off. I lost my ass. We were going to play bingo but we were 3 minutes too late. I did get my casino ice cream though. We hit the hot tub upon return and I ended up drinking some more. By the time it was bed time I knew I was in trouble. I proceeded to pray to the cold water bath for several hours before passing out.

Saturday was another attempt at bingo. We kept a good schedule and drove an hour to go to another casino. We arrived on time and went to hit the bingo. $99 buy in. Fuck that. Not worth it. We gambled some more and I attempted to start drinking again. The drive home had rules. We had to stop at every bar on the right side of the road. That messes a girl up quick. Not to mention more than 10 minutes in a vehicle creates a bladder issue. We actually had to pull off on the side of the road where 3 of us proceeded to water the shoulder. I never had to do that in my life before!

We ate dinner at another casino and eventually made it back to the lodge. I was bushed. The rest of the night was a blurr. I passed out again on what they pass for a bed. I'm pretty sure it's plywood with a fabric cover. My back hurt so bad this morning that I almost had to have my bed partner shove me out. I was so happy to get home and take a nap on my own bed.

I came to the final conclusion this weekend of if you want to teach someone diversity, take them to a casino. The people there are more diverse than Ellis Island. We saw rednecks, we saw rich folk. We saw old ladies with walkers and wheels chairs. We saw a greaser look alike. We saw whores. I think the best two of the weekend was the guy with the halo given er hell on the slots. The other was the blind guy with the seeing eye dog playing slot. That would be pretty low on my list of things to do while blind. You can't see what the hell is going on and how much money you've blown. The dings don't seem to coincide with the amount won either.

So that's what happened...I need another nap...and a new liver....


Evening said...

Sounds like that new bed came in handy when you got home.
You girls had a good time. Glad you got away to play.

Anonymous said...

I keep telling you that livers are overrated.