25 March 2009

Heart HNT

Sorry to everyone but I still can't find the effin battery charger to my camera so I had to use the Blackberry camera to take my pictures. That poor lens is so full of shit it's amazing it can still even take a picture. Sooo...On with the show!

Being in the medical field every once and awhile I like to check out my equipment to make sure it's workin A Ok. Tonights fun was whipping out the EKG rig. It's also very good to check up on the ol' ticker. I know that its still working because I do feel love with it. It does skip a beat every now and then. It feels pain of distance. It's also been feeling a bit sluggish with how shitty I've been eating. Ice cream constantly. Fast food everyday. Just shit. I can't wait for the summer farmers markets and the tasty treats of the field to be back
within reach. I always love the flavors of summer and right about now is when I start craving them. Wow..I just got off topic...sorry bout that! Sooo back the HNT. Heart Disease is something has me facinated. Especially the female presentation of heart disease. I wear my red dress pin on my name tag everyday. I've seen open heart surgeries. I've see
n heart caths. It just amazes me. Tangent number 2. Ok...here's the pics....

Y'all will be happy to know that my ticker is tocking away just fine. A little fast but I've always been that way.

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Evening said...

OH MY!!! You didn't put those in yourself, did you?

I don't know that ice cream sounds good to me right now.

But I am the same as you, I start ccraving fresh produce.

Hope that heart of yours is just feeling full and any pain it has felt is long gone.

HHNT Sweetie.

Dana said...

You just like to play doctor - I know your type *wink*

Vixen said...

You are a brave one. LOL

Amorous Rocker said...

I eat fruit every day. I just love fruit. Even better is when it's so ripe and fresh. I love when the seasons change and the farmers markets open back up. Mmmm.

Happy HNT!

Osbasso said...

Glad to know the ticker's still good!

figleaf said...

When I was a system administrator I hosted a friend's server hardware in exchange for technical advice. (He knew hardware like nobody's business. But I digres...) Anyway, one of the sites he ran on his server was an unusual-fetish supply site that included medical fetish stuff. I'm sure some of his customers would have gone wild for EKG patches and leads. But I digress again.

Very clever photo idea, AC. And glad to hear your heart's in the right place. :-)

Happy HNT,


vanimp said...

Why do those images immediately make me start thinking about electrosex toys LOL ... wanders of *twitching* x

Anonymous said...

Keep that pump a kicking.
Happy HNT

Maeve said...

Everything it good!
Happy HNT!

Mike said...

Glad all is well, now can i just feel your heart beat for my self? ;)


Malia Williams said...

That's such a unique HNT! Cool!
Happy HNT.

Anonymous said...

ur fast?
who knew?

The Savage said...

Guess who's coming to Wisconsin for his job?
Hows that for irony?
I'll arrive in Eau Claire on the 31st via Greyhound....