19 March 2009


This week is just going to heck in a hand cart.....

I do look forward to doing HNT but this week has just been a series of events that have prevented me from doing so. I usually do my HNT the night of unless if I have stroke of genius before then. I layed down last night to regain some blood flow back into my ass and I feel asleep. I fell asleep at 6 pm mind you. I could not wake my ass up to save my soul until 6 am. I couldn't even hold a conversation with my good friend. Not fun.

Last night I needed to go shopping before leaving for the weekend tomorrow. Since I passed out I had to do it tonight. I threw on a pull over instead of breaking out a jacket. When I got home I took it off and had my inspiration for HNT this week. The sweater I have on is a baby doll style. Well, right at the boob line the freakin seam let out. Ms Left is pokin right out. Perfect for an HNT! I go to grab my camera and I try to turn it on. The battery is dead. Ok. Find the charger. No fucking charger. I look all over and I can't find it. I guess I wasn't meant to post this week.

On a brighter note, I got the new bed today. The room looks totally different! It is so high too! Now when I say I'm crawling into bed, I really mean it. I have to get a bit of a running start to jump in this bitch. I can't wait to give it a whirl tonight!

Hope y'all are doing good. I'm going out to celebrate Cooters Over The Hill this weekend with booze and gambling. I'm sure I'll have some material from there :)


Mike said...

Damn thats a bugger as i was looking forward to your HNT this week as i always do :) But no doubts your make up for it next week ;)

Evening said...

How'd you sleep in the new bed?

Sugardaddy said...

Hold onto the HNT idea. Sounds like it could become a new classic.