12 February 2009

Yes, I Suck

I'm sorry that I don't have a HNT up this week. I just wasn't feelin it to break out the camera. I know I suck. I'm sorry. Next week I actually have a plan for my pics. I'm getting inked on Wednesday so I should have some fresh tat pics for next week. I was going to wait and just let it be a surprise but I figured I'd let the heathens get a jump on coming up with snide remarks.

If you haven't checked out the rest of the HNTers, please get yer ass over there and check em out. There are some damn cute holiday ones out there this week.

I'm going to head back into my funky hole with my ice cream and hope for this funk to pass soon.


The Savage said...

But do you swallow?

Anonymous said...

Now it would help to formulate the snide remarks if we knew the location.