28 October 2008

Road Trip!!!

It's high time that my ass gets on a plane and gets the hell out of here!

Sunny Florida here I come!!  My ass doesn't land until midnight tomorrow (well, today) night.  I already warned the bitch director that if anybody calls me before 9 my time, I will not answer the phone....She thought otherwise.  

I will be returning back to the frozen house Saturday.  I'm hoping to get a couple posts in while I'm out.  Maybe a couple of drunken picks!

I'll be there for a trade show which I know many of you would consider it another pain in the ass.  I love trade shows.  My liver hates them.  I usually end up hung over or still very drunk the next morning.  This show will be no different.  The vendor that I'm hanging out with had said he was going to put a quarter barrel under the table and we'd have ourselves a great day!  

I have already been tasked with the mission to find a Waffle House.  I'm a Waffle House virgin.  I'll be the first to admit it.  I'm also a breakfast addict.  I love all things breakfast.  Except pancakes.  Eggs.  Potatoes.  Meat.  Biscuits and gravy.  Toast.  I'm all over it.  I do plan on trying the real southern grits.  

I need to install another memory card in the Blackberry so I can take pics.  The 4 gig I got in there doesn't work.  It says the card needs to be formated.  Anybody got any tips on how to accomplish this?  

Next post will be from somewhere nice!  Y'all behave!


Dana said...

Have a safe trip! I cannot believe you've never had grits! A little butter and salt and pepper is all you need!!

Jennybean said...

Have fun girly... I'll take care of the snow til you come back north!

Anonymous said...

Safe travels. We expect a full report on the Waffle. It just might be the deal breaker to get you to drag your hinder South for good.

pure evyl said...

Have a great trip.