24 October 2008

Friday Night

So here we are on Friday night.  All of my green dots are spending time with their families.  What am I doing?  I'm sitting here with a throbbing ear and nobody else in the house.  Hubby has now taken to spending the nights at the hunting spot.  So that means I'm a bachelorette this weekend.  Wahoo!  With a throbbing ear and being on call!  This sucks.  The CPG(Chief Pussy Giver) has definitely put a hold on all payments for a long time.  

I was involved in the freakiest shit yesterday.  I was leaving my office and heading towards the highway when I saw several sets of red and blues.  I didn't think anything of it since cars break down there all the time.  As I got closer I could hear a voice on a loud speaker.  Me, being the asshole driver that I am, decided to look up from the blackberry to see what was going on.  When I looked up I saw about a dozen guns pointed in my general direction and a guy getting out of a car.  Now I work in a podunk town so seeing this was a bit disturbing.  I've got a dozen guys with guns drawn and ready to shoot within 20 feet of me.  I turned right behind them on 2 wheels to get on the highway.  I defy any cop there to pull me over for getting my ass out of the way.  

I was emailing with Jennybean today and she had the best line ever that I have to share.  We were talking about the stupidity of boys and she emailed me this back:

"Guys are blessed with 2 heads, ya think they'd have half a brain!"  

HAHAHA!!  I almost pissed my pants laughing!  

Hope y'all are having a good Friday night.  I'm going to go make love to a handful of ibuprofen.  


Anonymous said...

well why JB gotta be that way about us 2 head havers?

Anonymous said...

Your traffic experience would be wierd here in the ATL. Normally we don't see the guns drawn. We just see the ambulances and hearses pulling up to drag away the criminals who don't understand the words "police officer, freeze" or "don't move or I will shoot".