29 October 2008

I'm Here!

Florida is pretty freakin plain lookin after dark.  My ass has made here in one piece, as well as my suitcase.

Something big must be going down in the world of airport security.  I haven't seen any TSA worker take their job this seriously ever!  The dude doing the initial "look at the id, look at the ticket" made the dude ahead of me produce a second form of id.  With me he throughly studied my id before signing off the ticket.  Next up was the strip and xray.  When my computer came out of the machine they decided to give that a strip search.  Never had that happen before or even seen that happen!  Then as we were boarding, they were pulling random people to search their carry ons.  WTF??  

I get down here and I'm sorely disappointed that it is a bit nippley down here.  Not much change from the weather we had at home about a week ago.  It should be nicer tomorrow. 

Now y'all play nice while i'm down here or I'll have to come kick some ass!


Jennybean said...
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Jennybean said...

Glad to hear you made it in one piece. No cavity search? lol!

Dana said...

Hey! Wait! Wasn't there a spot reserved for me in that suitcase?? Why am I still here??

Slick said...

Ha...you spelled "kiss" wrong in the last sentence :)

So, was your laptop carrying anything illegal??! ;)

Anonymous said...

I just think you are pissed that they didn't search you.