19 October 2008

Late Night Rambling

It's 0210 on Sunday morning and here I am still awake.  I just got home from being called into work again.  That's twice in the last 24 hours and I'm not even on call!  I'm waiting on the doctor to finish his voodoo before going to bed so I figured what better to do than put up a post. 

My kitty is helping me with this one.  She's curled up under my arm and is watching the screen and everything else that is occuring in this livingroom.  The other cat is molesting my feet.  This cat has the weirdest foot fetish.  One thing to learn is to be very careful around my feet.  I'm very ticklish and I kick easily.  

The Roast of William Schatner is on my tv right now.  I have this urge to go to Priceline and hook myself up with a plane ticket to....to.....I really don't care where as long as it isn't here.  And I can save 40%!  OMG, he's singing "Rocket Man."  That is wrong on so many levels.  

I watched SNL before my night was so rudely interrupted by work.  The VP candiate was on it.  She was hillarious!!  I don't know how much the nit pickers will like her performance but I found it very refreshing that there is person down enough to earth that subject themselves to the SNL crew.  

Since I was on the road when I was, I of course was driving at the drunk hour.  Pretty close to bar close and plenty of cops were ready to pounce.  I followed a car that was obviously drunk for about 5 miles.  I was going to pass but I remember a tv show once saying that it isn't a good idea to get ahead of the drunk since they will fixate their eyes on your tail lights.  So I stayed behind and waited to the piece of shit car left the highway.

I can hear my bed calling me from across the house.  It misses me.  I miss it.  This damn doctor better hurry his ass up so I can finally curl up and call it a night.  


Slick said...

Geeeez, your work sounds more demanding than mine!

I was knocked out by 1:30 am.

Sugardaddy said...

Well based on your HNT, anyone drunk or sober would fixate you your taillights.