21 October 2008

It's Only Tuesday?!?

At this time next week my ass will be firmly passed out in a seat on a plane to Florida.  Thank God.  My brain has checked out a long time ago and it's time to let the body follow.  Sorta.  It's for a trade show but I don't have to do much.  I'm having 1 issue with this trip.  I'm going to be down there for Halloween.  I need to dress up to go drinking.  I have no clue what to be.  Any help?  And remember, it has to be plane friendly.

I'm typing with a pile of chocolate cookies sitting next to me.  I'm celebrating having a phone interview on Thursday.  One step closer to getting my ass on a plane on a regular basis to visit all of y'all.  And one step closer to getting out of that hell.

I went shoppin last night at the mother of all soulless discount stores last night.  I still had a Christmas gift card to you use so I figured I better blow it.  I'll be damned if they didn't have actually pretty bras on clearance!  Score for me!  (Well, HNT too!)  Now I just need to get my lazy ass to take the pics.....A nap sounds good too.....Yeah...that sounds real good....


pure evyl said...

Typing while eating chocolate chip cookies is the number two leading cause of sticky keys.

Anonymous said...

Well since you will be in FL on All Hallows Eve you could dress as a wench? Or just pack your new purchases and dress down.
Enjoy your trip.