24 December 2011

Bah Hum Bug

I'm just not feeling it this year.  Actually I sorta am but have realized what I hate about holidays.

I hate family gatherings.  I'm not extremely close with the extended family on either side of the family.  I hate trying to make small talk with them.  I hate large groups of people.  I try and figure out down to the minute how soon I can leave after arriving so as not to look like an ass but not stay any longer than I have to.

This year I'm blessed to have by baby boy.  He's in quarantine so we have a legitimate excuse not to go to these functions.  I'm elated!  I know all the family isn't pleased that they don't get to see him but they understand.  The extent of family that we will see is hubby's grandma and parents.  We're supposed to have the immediate family Christmas on the hubby's side next Saturday.  That's if everyone is well.  There's 4 kids under the age of 8 so you do the math on how likely that is.  Hell, I'm even banning my parents from coming over this weekend because my dad has a cold.

I am fearful for my house though.  The shack is pretty packed right now with kid stuff and everyone is going to be piling on more.  He does need toys but I'm scared on how much is coming into this house!  I should have asked hubby for a new house for Christmas.  We've already discussed it but don't want to fathom the thought of trying to pack up this place for moving.  We've been here 6 years now.  We've got a lot of shit.  I really want to go through the basement and thin the shit out.  I really don't need to be keeping my little figurines that I got from the dollar store for my first apartment or the empty cell phone box from 3 phones ago.  The sad part is is we have a limited amount of garbage can space and have to pay for overflow.

Wow. I really did see a squirrel.  Totally lost topic.

I am proud of getting hubby gifts this year.  Usually it's the week after Christmas where I see what he's gotten and we order him something on super sale from Amazon.  Not this year.  I'm on it!  He did admit that he hasn't gotten me anything yet.  Understandable since he's been stuck home or a short leash out.  Oh well. Maybe I'll order myself some shit.

I hope everyone has a Merry Christmas and enjoys whatever they are doing :)

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Mrs. Learning said...

Okay, I could have written this post myself. I'm the proud parent of a 10 month old who has total bi-polar sleep patterns. It's good for a while then boom....something happens.

I had total anxiety about the holidays and my son. My family of origin just does it small but my husband's family is over the top. I totally began to panic because we live in a smaller home and bringing anything in anymore gets overwhelming. My inlaws over did it. They bought us a ton of stuff. The sad thing is that we can only use a few things. It took the family 6 hours to open everything. I just wish they would scale it back because it is so unnecessary. I am thinking about renting a huge dumpster in the spring to clean house because I can't live like this. Weeding things out is necessary.

I hope your Christmas went well with your family and little one.