31 December 2010

Drinkin Pants and Party Hats

Time to reflect on this last year and get ready for the new one coming up. The last year has been a very emotional one with a lot of airplane miles under this butt. Things have changed where I actually enjoy spending time at home and look forward to it. I'm very blessed for having what I have and who I have.

Tonight the ol AC shack is going to be a rockin with a low key celebration of booze, movies, Wii, pool, and hopefully some full frontal nudity. Hubby, however, has pissed me off a bit. Nothing grinds my gears more than inviting people over without telling me. There are levels of house cleaning that go with various visitors. Parents and immediate family are clean up the sex toys and whatever else is fine. The bff's/neighbors are clean up the clutter and maybe clean the bathroom. Everyone else is a five alarm, bust out the toothbrush kind of cleaning affair. Tonights party was just going to have the bff's/neighbors over. He decides to tell me that he invited his buddy and new fiance over too. UGH! Now I have to stress about cleaning???? I hate when he does this shit!!! I just wanted a mellow night with a couple of friends and get drunk. Now I have 2 sets of friends who don't know each other and I feel like I have to entertain the other ones more and bust out the Merry Maid army on my house before they get here. Damn you husband!!!

Ok. Enough of that rant. I should actually go bust out a real breakfast to end this year. And remember, nothing says Happy New Year like the shedding of a uterus!


Evil Twin's Wife said...

Happy New Year! :-)

Joker_SATX said...

Here is hoping that all turned out well...Happy New Year Chica!