16 August 2010

Down Time

It's been a wild ride lately. I haven't had any time to myself until now. I'm wedged on a plane that is hot as fuck and over an hour late taking off. This airline doesn't have onboard wifi like last week's flights. Hell the AC is marginal at best.

If you follow me on twitter you would have seen some amusing updates from vacation. I had lesbians attracted to me wherever I went. On the beach. At the campgrounds. None of them hit on me though. Dammit. I guess I wasn't all that hot looking.

First leg of my vacation was with my sister in Florida.  We have never gone on a trip together alone. It was interesting. She spent more time texting and fiddling on her phone than I did. That's rare to find. I love my sister dearly but that trip made me feel bad about myself. She's now a size 6 that rarely eats carbs and gets sick if anything is fried. Then there's me. Don't fuck with my carbs if you want to live. All the guys were eyeing her up and she never noticed. I'm pretty sure I was the fatass cockblock.

I got home from that trip to go camping as soon as I stepped foot near home. I was so excited to eat real food with other people who ate it too. It went by quick. I was a partypooper because I went to bed at 10 both nights. I was exhausted and my feet itched like hell from all the bug bites.

I was never so happy to see home as much as I did yesterday.   It was bitter sweet though. I knew I'd be leaving right away today.  I started packing and decided to take a nap at 4. I never made it out of bed til 530 this morning. I'm still tired and crabby.

(On a byline, full can of juice on this flight. Score!  Wait. No snack. OK. It's a wash)

My flight is about an hour and a half behind. I'm tired yet awake after a massive dose of decongestant. I've learned that helps with my motion sickness. If I truly want to pass out I add a benadryl to that mix. I still have probably an hour drive when I get there.

I'm out this whole week in Jersey for work. I'd enjoy dinner or a drink with a local: )  Or I'll relish in the peace of hotel time alone.

I think it's time to score a nap on this metal straw. BTW. I hate plane seats.

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Anonymous said...

Damn, I'm just not local to Jersey. That 6 hour, one way drive to Newark kinda screws that deal.

You ever get sentenced to Rochester, first two (or three) rounds are on me - at a great barbecue place.