31 May 2010

End Of The Holiday Weekend

I made sure I took time to reflect upon the men and women who have given their lives for me to be able to have a 3 day weekend and live without fear year round. I spent time with veterans who are pretty close to meeting back up with their friends that gave their life in service to our country.

I was on call all weekend, too. Well, actually since since last Monday. That kept me moving a bit. It also relieved me of some of the yard duty. The yard has been officially destroyed. A fence went up. The neighbors I think got the hint. I now have a raised garden bed. I also have the landscaping beds in front of my house ready to go and have wild flower rolls planted in them. My yard is not what I'm used to anymore. It's more cozy and I think once there is grass growing I will be more likely to just go hang out there.

This weekend also marks the go time of another month of trying for a hitchhiker. It has not been a fun day today. Stabbing pain. Pressure. More pressure. I am so thankful the crotch doc hooked me up with some pain killers last month. That in turn made me sleep most of the afternoon. I'm not looking forward to work tomorrow. I should wear real pants but I don't think that's going to happen.

I will try to take some pictures of the progress of the yard this week. It is completely different!

1 comment:

Brian said...

Progress on the yard sounds great! more gardens & less lawn is always a plus.

So the baby making meds cause pain & pressure. Can't make the actual consummating any fun I'd think. Then the pain meds make you sleepy, so the hubs gets to maybe play out a sleep/rape fantasy? Fun for him, but you miss out on the fun again. This baby making stuff is some kind of difficult shit!

The pisser is that coke head from your previous entry. Ungrateful wench probably doesn't even WANT a baby because it'll interfere with her social life. Poor bitch.