25 April 2010

A Request

I normally don't ask much out of people on here but I'm asking for help today. I'm asking for prayers to help with this baby making. I'm fertile as shit right now. I'm in pain from the swelling and pressure. I'm trying to do everything right for timing this month and I hope and pray it will work. Any prayers, well wishes, and good thoughts would be more than appreciated. I'm going to go cry a little in the corner here and pray some more myself.


Dana said...

Of course! Prayers forthcoming!

Anonymous said...

my experience, and the experience of everybody i know personally, got pregnant once they stopped TRYING.

may it happen when it truly is right for you and your family. your life, and body, will NEVER be the same!!

Brian said...

Beaming good karma thoughts your way all week! Just keep practicing!

Also - in my own limited experience, the less we tried the faster it happened. I think the sperms get performance anxiety if they new we were counting on them.

Average Chick said...

Thanks for everyones' wishes!! I truly appreciate it! I'm pretty sure the window is closed now and it's a waiting game to find out :)