27 April 2010

I'm A Bonehead

I've been wanting to share this story for awhile now but keep forgetting to type it out!

A few weeks ago I had the itch and need to find some new dress pants and jeans since my belly is turning into a major buddha. I don't have that much disposable money right now and really do not feel like spending $50 on a pair of pants. I decided that I'd do the community some good and hit up the local Goodwill stores. I've donated some nice stuff to them and I've seen some nice stuff there so this was the first time I went on a mission for clothes there.

For dress pants, I hit the jackpot. A $100 pair of pants with the tags on for $20. I also found some other cute pants and they all fit. I just need some jeans. That was tougher, my friends. There was hardly anything in my fat ass size and the shit that was there was Walmart brand. I've never had luck with Walmart brand jeans because the zipper always unzips for no reason on me. At the second Goodwill I came across a pair of jeans that were the brand that I buy and the size I was looking for. I scored!

I thought I had a great find until later in the week I put the jeans on and had an epiphany. About six months ago I donated a few bags to Goodwill and I remember putting a pair of jeans with the tags on in there because they were a tall cut and were too long in the leg so I never really wore them. Same brand. Same size. When I put the jeans on the legs were a bit long. I checked the tag and they were talls.

Yes, my friends, I bought a pair of jeans from Goodwill that I donated a few months ago. I'm a bonehead.

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