14 March 2010


Happy Steak and Blow Job Day boys!!!!!!!

I'm only holding up to half of that bargain. Yes. I'm a bitch. I know. Blow jobs are something I give out on a very select occasion. All the moons have to align right before I'm willing to do that deed. Enough about the non existent blow job here. Let's talk about the steak.

I went out last night with some friends and the hubby to a place we call a supper club up here. I hear these are special to the area. I'm not 100% sure what makes it a supper club. All I know is you sign up for a table, have a seat in the bar, they take your order in the bar, call you overhead when your table is ready and you sit down to a fully set table of breads and munchies and waters. Last night even included a relish tray and the salad service. I had a hankering for prime rib last night so that is how we all ended up there. They of course had the 16 oz queen cut and the 28 oz king cut. Then they had the challenge of the 55 oz cut. Eat it all and get a $10 gift certificate. I wish it would have been get the meal for free but well. So Hubby being the daring twig boy that he is decided to take the challenge. The waitress thought he was joking. We all just shook our heads. He behaved and skipped over most of the appetizers on the table and waited for the main course. This is what showed up......

I have a pretty strong stomach. I can look at most anything while eating. This was hard. There is no way that any one person could or should be eating that much cow. I'll be damned. He did. It was tough. He did it though. My arteries are clogging in sympathy.

The ride home was amusing too. The friends offered for me to join them in the back seat since they knew I was not going to be getting some action last night. Tempting......But no....

Home to bed it was.

I'd also like to add, I hate this time change shit. Fall is nice. Spring is a kick in the face.


Hubman said...

He ate the whole thing? Wow!

Happy S&BJ Day!

Ron in Florida (Ronald10021) said...

I just posted about Steak and Blowjob Day too. I didn't have either, and while it was by choice (due to circumstances in my life), blowjobs are quite rare to come by with my wife.