10 October 2009

Seasons Are Changing

Screw the pretty fall colors people we are heading right for the snow! I slept in this morning and woke up to white flakes flying through the sky. Ugh. I have nothing done in the yard that I want to before winter comes. I've been holding off til more leaves fell and to get enough balls to test the ol back out on it.

Christmas is right around the corner and I've already begun thinking about the horrific economic stimulus that I must perform. Hubby is asking for a big ticket item. The kids are getting older so so do their toys. This year it just seems I'm not anywhere near financially ready for this. Hell, I'm barely financially able to cover bills right now much less throw gobs of money towards the damn inlaws! Enough on that rant.

I do enjoy the thought that I have my tree already in the basement. I can get the whim at midnight to set the damn thing up and it is there and ready for me. Normally I'd have to wait for a weekend with the truck and the elusive husband to go trudge through snow and whack one down, tie it in the truck, and then wedge it through a door.

This also means that Thanksgiving is also coming up. I'm in the mood to cook a turkey already. Hmmmm...maybe I should do that tomorrow. Ugh. I'm hungry. Need to go to the grocery store.

On that note, I better get nekkid, hit the shower, and get to the store so I can find something to eat!


Jennybean said...

Good... maybe you got all our snow now. It started around 8 last night and now we have over an inch...

Anonymous said...

Weather report:
American by birth. Southern by the Grace of God.
Windows open down here yall..........