13 October 2009


I'm trying to stay awake for a few minutes here and figured a blog post may be in order. I'm tired as hell and could fall asleep on a dime right now.

Hubby decided to sign up for one of them movie services. That's a new bad habit that I'm sure we won't be able to cancel. I've already watched a few movies online that I know he won't watch. It's a good way to kill an evening I'd say.

Still fending off sleep....I hope someone appreciates this :)

I think I'm getting sick now too. My face has been in pain for over a week now. Coughing is not an option right now. I fear my temporal bone will pop off and bounce across the room if I do. I just wish it would wind up and get it over with at this point. I hate the anticipation of feeling like shit. H1N1 is alive and well in the hood. The law of supply and demand has also kicked in for disinfecting supplies. I'm pretty sure the bag that was suppose to order my cleaning stuff at work dropped the damn ball and there is a 3 month backorder on my cleaning wipes. I didn't tell you to get the damn things ordered the same day because I wanted to be a bitch...ok..enough of that rant...


Just dozed off for a bit til a kitty decided to put his claws in my belly. That's a wake up call.

Ok..I can't keep the lids open. Gnight all....

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