17 October 2009

Horns of a Bull

I did something last night that I have never done. With the day being as horrible as it was with my sister and my coworker, I just wanted to drink. I cracked open a bottle of Dancing Bull chardonnay. I found a nice big fancy glass in the cupboard and started watching a comedy special online. That bottle was gone in 2 glasses.

Before I started drinking my head felt like it was going to blow so I downed some cold meds and benadryl. I'm hoping that's where I went wrong. After the first glass, I drunk texted a coworker. He called me and I just went on a rampage of day. When I got off the phone with him I knew I was in trouble. I started walking myself. When I get too drunk I like to walk. Gives me something else to focus on and the movement goes with the spins that I have. I did laps around the yard. I walked down the street. I just walked. I tried to go to bed 4 times. It didn't end pretty. I ended up with the horns of that dancing bull.

This morning I'm shaking and thirsty. I should go accomplish something.....

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Indigo said...

When I get pissed I usually fall over!