27 September 2009

I Survived

I made it home in one piece. My body feels like a train wreck. I don't have really any pictures to share :( I didn't have a camera(thanks to the hubby) so that didn't help.

I also really didn't get a new tan line either. The sun really liked to hide everyday except yesterday. It was very drunk out at the end of the day yesterday. I ran around with my pants off again. I'm pretty sure my friends won't dare me to strip again.

I've really got a craving for a beer right now. I just have to make it past it. I'm pretty sure I smell like a distillery right now. This is always a tough part about these trips, dryin out to go back to work.

I've also seen the gorgeous and sexy Saucy Wildcat has mentioned me on her blog as some sort of award. I really need to find out what it is and what to do! I've never had an award before!! I just don't want to get my hopes up :)

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