26 September 2009

Day #2

I'm sitting on the deck listening to the sounds of nature. A gaggle of
geese just flew by. The lake is calm. This is the best time of day.

Yesterday flew by. I had troubles getting the drinking muscle going
but then I hit my old friend, wine. Sober to plowed in 2 minutes flat.
We played games. Talked stupid. I took a short nap before dinner. We
came back and I was too full to drink anymore and I was too tired to
remain upright. I was in bed by 10. Exciting huh?

I don't feel so horrible today so maybe I can give it a better go. I
think today was deemed the official game day so we're breaking out the
Yatzee, Phase 10 and whatever else we find to play.

Maybe I should go back to bed now......

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