22 August 2009

Take Me to the Nursing Home

I'm freakin having a day from hell officially now.  Let me start with the good things for the day.  I got the painting done with my dad.  The colors look great.  Sorta.  More on that later.  I got my floors cleaned.  The brunt of the painting supplies put away.  Most of the pictures back on the wall.  And hubby and FIL installed a new kitchen counter for me.  I tell ya, that kitchen rocks now!  It looks soooo cool!

Now for the shitty parts of my day.  Shortly after I woke up I noticed my ear hurting.  And getting worse.  Fuck me I got an ear infection.  I'm trying some of the stashed antibiotics but I'm sure I'll have to go get some fresh ones.

The one room I had the bright idea of painting a yellow with an accent wall of red.  Once that the colors were up on the wall it dawned on me.  It looks like the very same colors of a very well known fast food chain.  Woops!  Speaking of which, I could go for a cheeseburger.

I have yet to take a shower today.  I was trying to get things picked up before starting on putting the shower curtain back up on the new paint.  I was putting away some pots when the ol back decided to have plans of it's own and I went down.  Now for those who know me, I always have my Blackberry somewhere on my person at all times.  This afternoon the thing started blinking the big battery is fucked light so I had it on the charger in the livingroom.  Great. I was fucking stuck.  I some how got the strength in my legs to get to the livingroom to find a phone to call hubby.  Sad that he was in the garage and I had to call him.  He had to hold me up the whole way to the bedroom and situate me in bed.  I'm hurtin yo.  This sucks.  I was thinkin maybe the er would be a good thought if I didn't smell like my worst pair of shoes. 

Ok...I think I'm going to try to start stretching through the pain here.  I can't be down.  End of story.  If you hear a scream, it's only me.....

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